who is j5mes ?

name : james 
age : 17
pronouns : he/they

i make music. i don't do many other things, i have a lot of ideas of things to do
but i never do them because it's a lot and making music falls out of me a lot better.
my web design skills are really shitty , but i like simple websites like this, not even
for the nostalgia (i was born in 2003, i was barely sentient when geocities was a thing)
i don't know why i like the way it looks i just do. so yeah, hi. nice to meet you :)

my interests

 Music That I Like 

- the Microphones
- Playboi Carti
- Aphex Twin
- Kanye West
- Death Grips

 Movies That I Like 

- 2001 : A Space Oddysey 
- The Lighthouse
- Akira
- Creep
- Mary Poppins
- The End of Evangelion

 People That I Like 

- David Blaine
- Stanislav Szukalski
- Hideaki Anno
- Richard D. James
- Kanye West

if u want 2 get in contact with me or chat or whatever :

discord: noj5mes#2549
twitter: noj5mes
instagram: noj5mes